Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Latest Yarn Adventure

M has showed me a few different homemade virtual pets on webkinzinsider. S has requested a Bubblegumasaurus, a virtual webkinz pet that came out in October 2008. She's been begging for a "Kate" for a while now, so I've been thinking about it and having trouble wrapping my head around how to do it! LOL! This is a completely unfinished pic of it so far. It still needs a tail, some legs, some spikes and fins, eyes etc. But this isn't bad for an off the top of the head creation, considering I haven't really gotten into making my own patterns for anything quite yet! LOL! And all I did was let my imagination and crochet hook lead me wherever we were going. The yarn used was a few odd balls of my 20+ yr old stash! LOL!

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