Saturday, August 15, 2009

Feelin' Crafty - Car Seat cover

From ET came home, we've been tossing a blanket over the carseat and just going. Well everytime we went outside - its been windy - it would blow off and I'd spend half my time picking it up off the ground. So I had seen this Summertime Carseat Cover a while ago and decided to make one. Here is mine.

The instructions were great. I got lazy at the end and just tied my ribbon on... nut enamoured with buttons! LOL! I'm thinking of centering a piece of Tulle netting on the underside, so that I can lift the cover up and still have her mildly protected from the bugs But it hasn't gotten passed the "Thinking" stage yet.

1 comment:

flarffy2000 said...

I love the fabric you used! Super cute.