Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Crafting Yumminess

So apparently someone spiked my New Year's punch with "stitch itch" - because that is all I've done for the last 6 nights.

For Christmas dh got me a new Ipod Touch - and of course I had to drag out the machine to make a cozy for it. I'm not happy with my first edition so it will be back on the crafting block in a bit, when I come up with remedies for my problems with it... it also needs an add on for my cell phone since my itouch isn't a phone! :)

So I started the year off with a little Art Roll for a friend. She hasn't gotten it yet, but she will! Soon! This case was initially inspired by the Artist's Paintbrush Roll. Along with the various knitting needle cases that can be found all over the internet. Let me tell you this was a dog to finish just because I lost the button a bunch of times, and thank goodness for small mercies I had just ENOUGH (like barely enough) black thread to finish it... I had to steal from the bobbin to finish it.

So the New Year here has dawn across the country with an incredible cold snap. Unseasonably cold and yucky for some of us. So my kids demanded I make them a Snuggie. You know the lady in the blue blanket with sleeves that can be seen on the TV! So we ventured out to the fabric store where they picked their fabric. And back home again to create these. The pattern we sort of used can be found here. With Some modifications the girls are quite happy with their new blankets! :)

So that put me at 3 for 3! Because both Snugglies are slightly different - one followed the pattern but needed a little tailoring and the other we pretty much reinvented it - with our own modifications!

So a few days later I decided that my Swiffer needed a cozy (or 6.) and within an hour I managed to cobble together 6 new floor cleaners so I don't have to buy and trash a bunch anymore! :) Idea can be found here.

And tonight's little bit of yumminess came from 2 dish cloths. We are in desperate need of library book bags as we keep getting books from the library and they clutter up my counter space or get lost in the house until its time to return to the library. I figure if we have a designated storage place for the library books we'll have it made. This one is my library bag and it came from this tutorial. Now my eldest kid is planning to make one of her own, only she isn't using dishtowels. Its all set up all she has to do is sew!

So far it totaly I'm 6 for 6 crafts this year... that means almost one a day for the entire year so far! :)

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