Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sewing for Charity

Well the girls have received their first lessons from "Hogwarts" but they haven't gotten started yet. The lessons began a little late which is good because things got a little crazy around here for a while. We always seem to get super busy at times then suddenly things calm down again!

First we got ourselves stuck at the top of a local mountain with a dead car battery which then fried the main fuse, leading to well lets just say a crazy few days. We were only 84 miles from home! LOL! The girls took it well.

Anyway they'll likely get started on Monday so they can return their first assignment by Friday. So I'll keep you posted there.

In the mean time, we found out that Craft Hope has started Project 9 for ConKerr cancer which you can find here. So we got started. Previously S (4.5) has felt a little left out when I've been working with M (9) on sewing projects, so I figured I'd get her involved this time. She's having a gay old time picking fabrics and taxing my brain to come up with matching fabric! Let me just say our tastes are very different! LOL!

We only started a couple days ago but have 7 pillowcases done. Each of us has pledged 5 pillowcases - totaling 15 - and one that they are keeping for themselves. Meaning I think we'll end up with about 18 pillowcases when all is said and done! :)

Who says a 4.5 yr old can't sew?? Well S is having a grand time helping me work on her cases. Ya her attention span is that of a typical 4 yr old but I gotta say she's managed to get more done than I expected! :) I'm impressed! FWIW, we're using the Hot Dog Roll Method to make our pillowcases.

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