Friday, August 20, 2010

Mania's, Found Mine!

Every person has what I will call mania. Something that sucks all rational thought away and turns them into blubbering idiots! I think I found one of mine today! I was dropping one of the kids off at the local school (remember we homeschool) for a program she was doing with her GS troop. I had warned the leader that I wouldn't be doing much dropping off like this because:
  1. My kids don't go there and I don't feel right being there.
  2. I joined a non-after-school troop because I didn't want to go there.
  3. The whole confusion and mess of pick up lines and insanity that occurs is just enough to tweak me over the edge! LOL!
I have known about this mania for a while, I just didn't know how deep rooted it was. I don't know where it came from either. The thing is this mania isn't just about the school line, its about lines in general. I can handle traffic lines, but people hangin out in a line, in a car doing nothing makes me insane. I can't explain it.


AmyDe said...

Should have taken your knitting. When the kids were going to MAFA one day a week the carpool line nearly drove me to drink - IF I forgot my knitting. Something about all those perky moms chatting each other up and swapping recipes or hair tips or Talbots shopping find (or whatever it is they do) made me want to KILL!

Grumpy said...

Oh Gawd no, if I don't have to be there I'm not sitting in line... screw the carpool, I'm my own carpool! LOL!