Monday, December 05, 2011

Day 1 - Operation 295

I'm both happy and sad to admit that today was really a fact finding mission.  An eye opener.  I learned much, but learning about your behaviours is the first step to correcting them right?!  So even though it was half a loss, it was also half a win!

Every Monday for the last little while, I have been taking the girls out for lunch to the same place, we love Moe's (Welcome to Moe's!)  When we first started going, dh and I had difficulty eating a regular sized Burrito split between us, but eventually I just started chowing down and eating the whole thing.  (ha, yes OINK!  *blush*) By the time you have the burrito, add the chips & salsa, Tea, and cookie you're walking away with a 28 pt lunch (at least!)   OMG, good job I had a light breakfast, drink unsweet tea (yes I have weaned myself off the sugared variety a while ago!) and we walked 1/2 mile there and 1/2 mile back (low intensity 40 min exercise - c'mon I'm walking with a 2 yr old!!)

The girls don't eat the chips with lunch but have recently taken a liking to the black bean salsa (I prefer the verde variety!)  So we bring home the chips, just in case the girls want a snack later, we often toss them, I don't seem to indulge after lunch (ha too full!)

This afternoon however, I found myself happily munching on some of those chips, twice I stopped to ask myself if I was hungry and twice I was not, I found I was craving the salt on my tongue, so I put back the heaping handful that I took and stopped eating (yes I recorded it too!)

In an effort to offset the big burrito lunches we've been having - if the weather is not too hot (heat-stroke variety) and not too cold (for my fatless children!) we've been walking there.  As I said 1/2 mile there and 1/2 mile back, totaling a 40 min low intensity 1 mile walk.

Today though, being one of the last beautiful days of the year, I decided to rake the leaves.  The girls wanted to play outside, so I set to raking while supervising them and I set a timer for 1 hour on my phone, so that we could finish up some unfinished school work for the day.

Feeling guilty about the lunch as it was presented in my worksheet, we opted for a lighter lunch of (gluten free - for me) Pasta with tomato sauce.

I also managed to sneak in a couple fruits for the day.  So while I was about 13 pts over my daily budget today, I'm opting to correct this over the rest of this week.

To change What I love
I love the tradition of going out for lunch on Monday's with the girls, they look forward to it each week.  I'm thinking we can still do it, I just need to find a way to reduce the pointage.  I can - without difficulty half my burrito and save some for lunch the next day but that would leave me with 2 high point days no matter how I look at it!  I can look into the salads, with better choice of options (hate salad dressing anyway - so save points there!)  This would give me more veggies and might lighten the fare.  Decisions, decisions!

I'll keep ya posted, on what I decide!

Today's Mileage - 1 mile  (+1 hr of moderate raking!)
Weekly Mileage - 1 mile (Goal 8 miles)
Overall 295 Mileage - 1 mile!

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