Sunday, December 04, 2011

Pledge To Lose

So here I stand, less than a week before my 2nd youngest child's 6th birthday, weighing more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant with her oldest sister (remember I've had 4.)

I've gone back and forth for years (8 of them to be precise!) with being comfortable being labelled obese, and being sick of the extra 40 lbs I carry around.  I feel awful.  Simply put, I can actually feel the strain this is putting on  my health both mental and physical.

In the 11 yrs since I last did weight-watchers, I have learned that I'm allergic enough to dairy that drinking milk is unwise (to say the least!)  I can eat nothing related to a cow.  And now, that I quite simply might be wheat sensitive (allergic, gluten? - I dunno but its in there too!)  My diet sucks, I eat next to no fruit or veggies... and I simply hate food - my palate is very bored.

Well, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!  Tonight, I'm hatching my plan (just like the darn tadpoles that hatched in Frog-quarium - 2 days ago - but that's another story) to get rid of this weight once and for all, and teach my girls the ideas of proper nutrition and exercise! I am currently walking between 2 miles and 12 miles a week, and my diet sucks!

But I have goals.
  • Over the next 295 days I will lose 40 lbs. (at least!)
  • Over the next 295 days I will improve my eating with nutritious food!
  • Over the next 295 days I will walk/run/exercise more to aid in my goal of losing this weight!
For this week my goals are:
  • Follow the WW plan and begin eating better (portion control and more veggies & fruit!)
  • I will walk 8 miles this week.
  • I will consume my 6 - 8oz glasses of water - daily!
  • I will plan better lunches!
I hope to post my successes and challenges daily, along with other events that are happening in my life... like my Project Life Scrapbook, fun stuff the kids and I do and well about life in general.  So if you're reading this, I hope you'll keep me honest, root for me, and wish me luck! :)  I will be skinnier before I turn 40 (I turn 40 in 296 days from this post! I begin tomorrow!)

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