Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Knitting Ignoramous!

In almost 30 yrs of knitting (27+change) I had never knit with wool until about 2 yrs ago - and this past week, I've just gone APE over it. *sad I know* but most of my stuff was done as Baby stuff and soft wash and wear acrylic seemed the best suitable option...

Well now I hang my head in shame and say that in all those years, I have NEVER knit with cotton. He he, well here I am - taking a 5 minute breather from a 7 inch stretch of knitting to tell you that I'm knitting with cotton and damn its very different to work with. At least today's acrylic has an almost wool feel - the cotton I'm working with does not.

My knitting is usually very even, very neat, I'm just not getting that with the cotton, its taking some work to get it even. What I thought would knit up firm is flimsy and floppy. Is this what I want? The gauge for the pattern is right but I'm just not impressed.

For those who have knit with cotton before is this normal will it just take a little getting used to? Did you find you have to pull it harder than you normal do with wool or acrylic?

So many questions! LOL!

From an apparent knitting ignoramous!

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