Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympic Day #6 Complete

Another successful, gold medal hopeful day! I made up for lost time I didn't put in last night.

As the end draws near I find myself very aware that I only have 10 more days to complete my challenge. I'm looking at the 26 inch I-cord that needs done at the end of my project and say GAAAAHHH save me, I'll never get there. But I guess when you start putting the cart before the horse its easy to feel overwhelmed. Hang in there, step back and finish your tasks as planned, a few rows a night, you still haven't even finished the main portion of the bag. Finish that and take it at hand.

Imagine an Olympic athlete, say in a skating competition watching an opponent twirl and flit and suddenly realizing that they're up next and wanting to start at the end.... ah who knows perhaps its performance anxiety!

In any event, we have made some success in getting on speaking terms with the circs now... I will no longer shy away from them - though I haven't mastered them, I'm definitely on the dominating side of them! *grin*

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