Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sewing - Knitting Needle Holder

For Christmas last year I made my mum (and myself) a knitting needle and a crochet hook holder, she loved it. Mum's friend has been good to me, and my kids. She's a long time knitter as well and has her needles in the same box/bag that mum had hers in and it about drove me nuts every time I went to look for needles when I'd visit my mum! LOL! So mum wanted to pay for the materials and time for me to make one for her friend as well. I couldn't charge my mum for that... well low and behold mum's friend is having a birthday next month... so its taken me a month or so to drag out my sewing machine and materials... but in an hour (almost to the minute) I'm about 85% done.

I'm not happy with one of the seams and will 'rip-it' but after that I have to get rid of the strings and finish up the needle stripes... and its done. I love fast projects.... but of course in shopping for the ribbon, which I didn't have extra of... I found 3 patterns that I wanted.... and so once this is complete, I have a dress (material already bought) and some jammies to sew for the big kid.

Ah... I miss sewing sometimes... I think after this little spin with the machine though its time to take it in for service.

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