Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Pants Photo Posting Problem

So I went back a few entries and tried to post the photos I wanted on the last couple of post and they won't upload. Either I can't go back and add photos to an already long post or the photos I have are too big. *sigh* Oh well.

On the hook
In the meantime you know the needle, hook or machine haven't been idle. On the hook I've been making a pair of pants.... Maisie pants as a tester for the pants. I think I've got version one in 5 pieces. They're really cool and I have just the waist band to go - but wouldn't you know it I ran out of yarn. So I'm gonna dig through my stash and since it is only the waistband, I'll do it in different yarn and hope it holds up with the rest of the yarn I used...

I also have a few grannies on the hook for the crafting group that I'm working with - we're making 8 inch grannies to send to a woman who likes to piece them together - boy will she be busy.

And last but not least the swing cover... You know real outdoor swings that get toasty hot in the summer, well the big kiddo is tired of burning her cheeks and thighs on the swing seats so I'm making a cover for her that we can take to the park on park days! :) Should be interesting.

On the needle
Evidently I finished up the knitted pants I was working on but I have a few new balls of yarn headed this way in a few weeks, so I'm working through the stash - I think I need to get on to the Katja in the sidebar but need to weedle down the 'To Do' list before I promise to start a new project.

On the Machine
Just in time for the 4th of July I whipped together a pair of Firework shorts for the baby. Discovered I didn't ahve elastic for them but decided she was gonna wear them anyway! I'll probably finish them up this week and make another pair.

I've also got the move on a dress for the big kiddo. The Pattern is cut now I just need to decide am I making her birthday dress for next year or a sunny summery dress for this year.... decisions decisions.... plus I have 2 more piles of material for something matching for both girls!

Never an idle moment here! :)

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