Thursday, July 13, 2006

Walking in 2002 and Big Shoes

Digging through some old photos and found these little gems! :)

These photos were taken with my first digital camera in 2002. My dd absolutely loved the Bjorn and so whenever we brought it out and got her in it... she wriggled and giggled and totally enjoyed the walks. I've been dying to try the circles and words on a circle technique so I tested it out here, its not perfect but works good.

Kit is Susan Godfrey's Camping Fun (at Elemental Scraps)
Fonts are Forte and Bradley's hand.

This little gem was done for the 30 day scrap challenge at Element Scraps and it was for Kevin Bacon's birthday, using the word art from Digimedic and the kit is Susan Godfrey's Be My Baby kit (at Elemental Scraps), stitching was by Wendy Whitney in her Patriotic Day kit from Gotta Pixel.

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