Tuesday, April 10, 2007

40 Hats

Life has just general been busy and my computer not my friend... I don't love it like I once did, so lately I've been knitting, spending time with the kids or crocheting and doing a little reading. School actually gets a little more serious next year so I'm trying to fathom my way through that too! So that's my excuse for vacating the blog! LOL!

In the mean time for Milli's Lenten Journey she decided to make 40 hats in 40 days for her local NICU, and challenged a few others to do the same - and a few took up the challenge. I went along for the ride! :)

I managed my 40 hats, and got a little creative in putting them together but so far haven't managed a picture of them. My goal is to take them to the NICU on Friday of this week, so will get a picture up before we take them down to the hospital.

If she does a 100 Santa Hat challenge, I'll do that one too, but will probably add Tree hats into the mix just for fun! :) And I may just have to throw in some pumpkin hats on the side.

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