Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So Many Things

First and foremost, I'm slacking.
The girls are both sick. Sick as dogs and were up most of the night so we're having a quiet day.

Second, my pretty hats won't stand up... they give new meaning to flacid tulips! *pout!* So I haven't sent my hats yet.

When we get back from vac in may, I'm going to attempt to start cutting our operating budget. I'm gonna attempt to feed my family on less than $8.33 per day... Can I do it? I guess I'll need to get to work on the food price book everyone has always mentioned on the frugal sites. Our Freezer had a problem a little while ago... the power went out so our perishables have apparently perished, and now I have to restock and clean the grape popsicle stains from the freezer. Oh well, means a good opportunity to make homemade popsicles our first start on the trail of cutting costs. I'm planning to make ice cream (probably sorbet with just fruit, juice and water) along with some good snackables. Wish me luck and if there really is anyone out there reading my ramblings that has ideas for cutting an $800 a month for 4 (yes 2 adults 2 kids) people down to $250 per month, I'm all ears. I want to do this... LOL!

Fourth! My free time is about to come to an end! LOL! I might have my dream job! I might be starting to teach crochet at the local P&R. How cool is that? Plus I'm jumping into a Brownie Troop with my daughter and both feet. :) I'm excited and love the crafty side of things so this would work for me, while I think the other 2 moms like the community service/adventure aspect of things.... so this should be interesting.

I'm itching to get some wool together and start playing with dying too.... just so many projects and not enough time to do any of them!

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Noee01 said...

Where are you guys going in May...we are heading on a vacation as well.

Let me know if you find any good frugal food tips! I could certainly use!

Hope the girls are feeling better!