Sunday, April 22, 2007


Our new dictionary (the one I'm making up) has a new word in it..... puke-erific.

Did I mention the girls were sick?! Well, the lovely germies they hatched were sent out on a mission to knock that mama down and take her out - well, they can report back to someone that wants them that that is just what they did.

Thursday I called DH home at 3:00, because I was feeling very very under the weather. He made it home with about 10 minutes to spare, before I was in the bathroom, worshipping the throne of the porcelain goddess. I can honestly say I've never ever ever before been hit by something so fast, so ferocious and so vile in my life. Every square inch of my back ached, and thank God for the wonderful invention of the plastic bucket and 'disinfectant.' Without going into details because you really really don't need to know. I'm much better now.

The only problems..... 1. we had a house guest arriving Friday (great, "Welcome to our humble abode affectionately named 'the home of the Plague', don't mind the stench- my wife is probably worshipping the throne again, and please excuse the mess, she hasn't moved her lazy backside off the couch since Tuesday - when she claims that snot nosed little chickee there got sick...")

2. S has a classic ear infection, and I'm second guessing everything I'm doing, cause I can't get the meds into her - which ordinarily I would refuse but she needs them, poor mite.

3. Life would be simpler if the folks in our house could adhere to the 1 person sick at a time rule.... you know - NO syncronized vomitting, and NO sharing infectious diseases no matter how badly you want rid of them.

Back to my books - this is EI - #2 for S in less than 2 months, so I need to dig out my Healing Childhood Ear Infections book, and run with the ideas in it, then the super-immunity book, because I'm tired of doctors!

Anyway - I'm back, I think.

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Noee01 said...

Yikes! Hope you are all feeling better!