Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm re-committing to cloth diapering. This summer our county and most of our state experienced a pretty widespread serious drought, so I kind of abandoned the notion of cloth diapering in an effort to be a little more environmental friendly and water conscious, at the same time I was getting frustrated with our diapering system because dd would sit in our lap and pee and the wool just wasn't holding it nor was the diaper so puddles were getting frustrating. The drought is still on and the county is still taking measures to reduce the water consumption around the county, but I figure that drought may be a short term thing where the diapers that are filling the landfill will be a long long term thing. Its kind of I'm the devil if I do and the devil if I don't no matter which way I play this deck of cards. So I'm going back to cloth and saving my washes until we have a very full load (2-3 days). As my dh says in the grand scheme of water usage us cloth diapering won't amount to much depletion of the water supply. So I'm re-evaluating my Stash and working up some more wool pants for the little one.

Which leads to these pictures. This is a pattern I got from the Dragonfly Faery (listed in my sidebar!) I don't know if she is selling the pattern or where, but I was a tester on it, and totally love the style. These are hip hugger pants but you can tailor it to your preferences. I don't like the drawstring in longie pants because it always comes undone, so I did a slightly tighter vertical style cuff that needs stretching to fit at the waist (which is perfect) and then added some stitches to fit at the waist. It was done in Paton's Merino in a Brown and pink, burgundy, brown combo! And no we generally don't potty train until closer to 2 1/2 - 3... though she is starting to express an interest! So I'm out testing new diapers and picking up some fillers for my stash!

These are one of my favourite style pants though! For some reason I just don't have the patience to knit them! LOL!

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AmyDe said...

I've heard that your has already conceded intent to cave on the Prius matter - I'm just tellin' ya what I heard *grin*