Friday, February 08, 2008

Gosh I'm So MAD

Its 8:30, been up since 7:30 getting the driveway done. It has to be concrete. Live in the circle of a cul-de-sac. Where to put the cars... on the opposite side of the street. The truck arrived this morning to dig out the old concrete. He is parked paralell to the street perpendicular to the end of the street. Neighbor's friend backed into the little toy car. Neighbor says she couldn't have backed out of her own driveway - in a sense, she looked to me like it was my fault.... thing is there was at least 4 feet between friend's car, and the truck as opposed to the 2 inches between the toy car and her bumper. Now I understand that accidents happen, but I can't believe my neighbor blames my car for her friend hitting... how stupid!


AmyDe said...

UGH!!! Like she couldn't have knocked on the door and asked you to move it if it looked too close. My guess - she didn't look! ARRRRGGGGHHH!

Grumpy said...

Her words... I didn't see it! Translate... I didn't look!