Wednesday, April 23, 2008

12 yrs Same Email and Now.....

ggggrrrr... is this a threat to scare me off the internet? Or just something to finally get my booty in gear and make the changes I've wanted to for a while.

IRKED doesn't begin to describe how I feel. In an hour on the net this afternoon I deleted over 100 emails from the inbox that I can't send out of stating undeliverable mail because I was spamming or spoofing. I had a little fit and requested that dh change my address and block the old one but it will be in the spoofing cues for a while I'm sure. I'm sad, have had that address for over 12 years - will eventually go back to it maybe - it seemed like a simple change, but I think I was more frustrated over the spoofing/spamming emails.... :(

So if you don't have one of my 3 addy's post here and I'll reply back! :)

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