Sunday, May 11, 2008

Earth Hour the Revisit.... HAPPY MOTHER's DAY

A nice long luxurious week at the beach.
A nice long drive home. (of course I got some knitting done! - but no reading!)

Home for a day, still wheezing and hacking... will visit the doc on Tuesday or Wednesday I think. My chest hurts today - so I guess I'm in for another round of drugs :(

We went for a breezy walk this afternoon with wind gust between 15-30 mph. Arrived home at 4:30 to find the power off. When I hit the garage door button half a dozen times and it didn't open, then dh tried... 'twas my first thought. 6.5 hours NO Electricity.

I could understand if the whole neighborhood was out... or if the power outages were spotty in the neighbourhood. But it wasn't. I could understand if there were downed lines... nearby. Well maybe I couldn't because our lines are underground. I could understand if it wasn't an exact replication of the April 2 outage. Just our 2 streets. DH was okay at first but as the night got long and the crabbies set in.... the girls got fractious, dh got grumpier, he loves to talk about feedback loops, well this became one. A call at 5:30, 6:30, 8:30 and then 10:25. The lights came on a few minutes after that last call. Like all they had to do was flip a switch.

Now I know that is not what it took and that someone had to physically drive and that the lights were off in many places around the city... but still 6.5 hours???

A well, at least I know how to entertain myself when I need to... the trick is finding a way to entertain the rest of the family as well.

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