Monday, May 05, 2008

A Post Full of Sand

So dh brought his laptop and pathetic me has to type on my blog while away! LOL! Actually it was my excuse to get my dh away from the darn thing.

As the little one gets older, travelling with her gets easier and easier. Our first time down with her 7 hrs in the car was a struggle, but this time around she did so much better. When we arrived both the girls were ready to hit the beach, but the adult in dh and I required that we pick up food for dinner and breakfast lunch and dinner. When we got back we hit the beach.

Again as they both age, they get better about accepting the beach! LOL! The first time around M wouldn't even stick her finger in the sand, while S wouldn't put her big toe in. Next time around M was significantly older, and had no qualms about the surf, while little S was petrified if the water touched her. This time around, the girls remind me of the little sandpipers skirting the edge of the water looking for a decent catch.

S is in love with the big shells, while M is in love with the pretty shells.

We managed to acquire an umbrella today. Hopefully it mean the I can hang out on the beach a little longer.

As of now, I think I've also managed to stave off a bout of pneumonia. I got sick Monday before we left, after a lovely visit to the Botanical gardens (mental note, avoid Botanical gardens in the height of pollen season - idiot) today I'm hacking but a whole lot less than I was yesterday. It can only get better from her.

L and N. This trip to the beach has yielded much better weather than the visit we all took together. It is supposed to be 80 degrees all week. The girls have a mild burn in spite of suncream. I can't look at the hot tub without giggling over our conversations down there. Found out they have a Sauna here too.

Anyway.... dh has failed to build a sandcastle yet. And pathetic me, I haven't taken any pics yet, despite M's delight in taking pictures of everything including the toilet... and S's love of the floors!

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Noee01 said...

Hope you guys are having a great trip! I often think back to our time there...