Monday, May 26, 2008

More on the Subway Issue

If the letter that one mom received back from Scholastic reads right, the situation is as I figured and the reason they EXCLUDED Home Schools is because of the $5,000 Athletic Equipment for the Winning Child's school.

The thing is they could have put a request asking a Homeschooled child to donate it to any place where they take classes, or the local school or even a local charity that was in need.

It doesn't make it any better though... to blatantly exclude "Home Schools" is no different than putting a sign in the window saying "Blacks need not apply." Or "Irish Need not apply." The apology was nice enough but it doesn't make me feel any better.


AmyDe said...

I haven't read the rules, but Casey and I were talking and is the school involved in the judging in any way? Like there is a winner schoolwide that goes on to regional juding that goes on to... If so then it makes more sense (still rather stupid, but) and sense Scholastic is the #1 teaxtbook provider for traditional schools it makes sense that they would protect that relationship - still it seems rather stupid the way it's presented.

Grumpy said...

I think I was more offended at the way it was presented than anything. ... I don't believe the school has any contact to the judging as it is fully open to anyone who wishes to participate (with the one expressed exception!) but I could be wrong.... A comment from Scholastic suggests that they are looking to donate the $5,000 worth of equipment to a school, but still.