Monday, May 19, 2008

Post Pneumonia - Tzietze Syndrome

So the fun begins, you mention to the PA (nurse) that since the onset of the this bout of pneumonia you've had this wicked chest pain, that starts at the sternum and on one side runs all the way round your back to the middle, and that on the other side it is localized to the sternum and runs about an inch to the right, and they think OMG she's having heart attack in the office! he he!

I told them it was related to the pneumonia, but the nurse insisted on an in office EKG. Protocal - Fine. They were worried the BP is high (uh ya) and then embarked on the whole - well you need a complete physical so we can get ya fixed up right - yada yada yada more on that later! The EKG Freaked M out and S just hid under the exam table. Kids, LOL! S would have been find if M hadn't said anything freaky!

The old ticker is tocking properly, so no worries there. (You can't get rid of me that easily!) ... yes I probably have swollen cartilage from the hacking, for which she could recommend a strongish anti-inflammatory, but I turned that down, it doesn't sit well with the Crohns' part of the anatomy, ya know! I told her I was happy with just the diagnosis and knowing that if push came to shove and I hurt bad tomorrow I could take some advil or ibuprofin, in the smallest possible amount with a hunk of food! (pretty picture isn't it!)

So then we got on to the well you need a full physical with a walk on the treadmill so that we can get a baseline on everything and get you in tip top shape. This is probably the push that I've needed get moving on the weightloss front, as I know it will bring everything down if I could just loose that 10 % (and then some!) The only problem as I see it is my cholesterol will be quite high as I've just finished nursing the youngest and based on the info that I've research that will throw the cholesterol levels off. I've told the Mr. that I will do said physical but only if he does his too... not the same day but I get to schedule both of them! No point in me living forever if he isn't here too is there?! So off we ride into the sunset in our matching gowns ready for an upcoming the physical! (scary picture that! LOL!)

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