Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cellphones - Popcorn - Musings

Its rather funny. Our family owns only one cell phone.
I've been reading a novel that bounces back and forth between today and the Early 1900s. Its a quilting book but I'm fascinated with the differing attitudes for the children then, the children when I grew up and the children of today. Its rather startling differences.

So we headed out to the HD today to replace the 14 gauge wire that I trimmed yesterday with the hedge trimmer, cut clean through the wire if you must know! (and that was being ultra careful!) The technology that made me angry 5 yrs ago probably saved my life last night, but I digress. So anyway, back to technology, in the car beside us was a kid about 10yo, with his cell plugged into his ear while his parents drove the Prius. I mused to myself how generations differed, how kids today can be reached at the drop of a hat, unless their batteries die or they conveniently lose their phone. How they always know who is calling even before they answer their phones, when back in 1991 Caller ID was just coming to home phone, and cell phones were a new fangled device! LOL! I marvelled at how much I enjoy being unreachable, but I also distinctly remember the day I longed to have a cell phone when I needed it most.

So with that thought in mind :
I found this disturbing and long to get 3 friends together with 6 phones and see what damage we can do to a couple kernels! LOL!

Leads to the logical question. If a cell phone can do that to popcorn, if you let the cell phone ring in your pocket long enough what else can it make explode??

Just idle musings!

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