Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Deep Cleaning and Declutter

I'm tired of it.... I'm tired of all the clutter, I'm tired of all the junk, I'm tired of not being able to stay on top of things. I'm tired of having to scramble everytime someone comes to visit to make the place look somewhat tidy. I'm tired of living out of boxes and having to dig through things to find what I'm looking for. So my goal is reclaim my house from the clutter monster and then make it a little more cozy and comfy.

I can't handle the FlyLady emails, despite of how effective they are, so I'm back to peaking at the website to work on the house one room at a time very slowly. The girls are my top priority so I do what I can and then go back and forth as time permits.

Its kinda funny how my ideas waffle back and forth over time. What today is sentimental clutter, tomorrow is trash, and in 2 days I just won't be able to part with it. So I'm aiming for more "Tomorrow" days than "today" or "future days!" LOL! in other words the more clutter I can get rid of the happier I am.

I was thrilled to discover in the past week that my Garbage company has resumed accepting glass and cardboard, which they weren't for a while (5 yrs to be exact!) To that line up they've added more types of paper, and more plastics, which is a good thing. At least now I won't feel so guilty decluttering!

Now I just need to find places to accept my donate-able clothes, and kids toys. Slowly, slowly I will master this clutter instead of vice versa!

I'm following AmyDe's lead on the hobby stash - ie yarn and fabric stash - and working to have no stash, except the project that I'm working on. It's gonna take some time to burn through what I have but I'll get there eventually! I've done good, in that I don't think I've bought yarn (wool, cotton or acrylic.) Now the fabric is more difficult - for me at least, I'm barricading myself away from the fabric stores unless I have an immediate need for something that isn't in my current stash! And then I'll need to quiet that little stash-devil that whispers in my ear when I'm there - do you think ear plugs would work??

So there ya go. If I'm not around I'm decluttering.
3 of 15 rooms done.

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AmyDe said...

WooHoo! It's so much work though isn't it? Confession - I bought yarn yesterday - one skein of linen for a gift that I am starting tonight. That's all though - now if I can stay away from the 60% off linen @ JoAnns I'll be in good shape - don't think there's much chance of that though - 60% OFF!!!