Sunday, June 15, 2008

Feeling Productive

Of the 12 Christmas items on my in Progress list I've been working (along with other projects) hard and have just picked up a project that I abandoned in 2006 when it was too late to make it for the Christmas run! With any luck I'll get it done this year along with a few other things! :)

So far I've managed to complete 5 projects on that list... so I'm almost there, with #6 fast on its way to completion and #7 at least on the radar screen! I'm loving it.

Its never too soon to start your handmade Christmas list!


AmyDe said...

Indeed! Also - just remember - come December that there is a point when you are not behind - you are AHEAD for next year! BTW - I'm purging nearly all of my yarn - are you interested in anything?

Grumpy said...

Yup, but that day comes earlier for me... generally around the end of October or at least by Thanksgiving... if it ain't done then, I'm sunk as I have to mail everything out before T-day because I refuse to shop or go to the post office after that date! LOL!

Thanks on the yarn... like you I'm purging and need to keep my stash at a minimum!