Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 Yrs and No Card!

Dh and I celebrated our 10th anniversary today! If you look back 10 yrs ago it was a Wednesday (yes we're cheap!) and most of our friends were either Retired or in school so the middle of July in the middle of the week was an awesome day to get married.

As it turned out it was a hot sticky day in Toronto. It rained in the early afternoon and we worried it would rain for the wedding but it stopped, and I got the day I always wanted. Everything fresh and clean after a rain storm. It made taking pictures difficult, dodging the slow drying puddles, but that's okay since we didn't get many pics done (yes horribly cheap!) And it was incredibly hot but beautiful!

Tomorrow marks my 10 yr anniversary here too! In the lovely sunny south!

As for the card, well we don't do big things for our anniversary short of going out for dinner and having a lovely evening. So the money we didn't spend on cards, we spent on a yummy appetizer, instead - I figured we could eat our Hallmark Greetings instead! (Hot Crab Dip, if you were curious!)

So Happy Tin Anniversary today.


AmyDe said...

Happy Anniversay!

AmyDe said...

You've been awarded - go read my blog to find out more!