Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh Gosh! *big ole red blush*

I just received an award! Woohoo! I've never won anything before either!! AmyDe at Ignore Me - It's Easier nominated me for this very important and very prestigious award.

Is this where I offer the oscar speech?? Gosh I hate speech writing!

Gosh, Thank you, you're too sweet!!

Well hello and welcome to my old friends and new! I'm truly honoured to be recognized! *blush* I spend a great deal of time blogging about my crafting activities, the things that happen in my life and just trying to understand the strange and crazy notions I have rumbling around my brain here from time to time! I use my blog as a sounding board sometimes - usually hoping for feedback - and sometimes just to put the thoughts out of my head!! I spend much of my time crafting because my wonderful children let me, its therapeutic and relaxing!- but we also do some wonderful stuff together. My ventures in crafting eventually lead to my kids doing the same, they see mummy do things and eventually they will enlist my help to try too! My life takes on different notions at various times.... for example right now I'm working on a mostly Home-made Christmas - the idea struck me as the Christmas buying season ended last year - so I got a leaping start by commencing my activities on January 1st! (Family and friends reading - if you have a special request, get it in soon, cause I'm boogie-ing! I'm also working to regain control of my house from the toy clutter monster, lose some weight (some 40 odd pounds) and just generally be healthier. With a splash of frugality thrown in for good measure!

I treasure those that read my blog, even if it is only from time to time! I can't pick out 7 people in particular that make an impact on my life just because I'd be afraid of leaving folks out and some of you don't have blogs. If you read and

Speaking of each and every one of you - now I get to pass the award along:

N - of A Prince and a Princess. You taught me how to digi and now my scrapbooking is slowly getting up to date where before I was buried with no hope of digging out! You've inspired me in a way that you'll never know! You offered a shoulder to cry on when I was first learning the art of breastfeeding and not succeeding very well and again later when my life turned upside down!

GlueStickGirl - of the moments in between. You've inspired me with your scrapbooking and paper cutting prowess (though I could never get there!) You taught me much about listening to my heart and following my instincts when it comes to my girls, and helped hold my hand in the early panicked days when breastfeeding just wasn't working and again later when my life turned upside down!

Milli - of Southern Charm and a Little Yarn - mother of Sweet Teas Soakers. You held my hand as I walked through the most difficult days of my life and then proceeded to inspire me in so many directions at once with your knitting and crafting and energetic ideas.

Drea - who doesn't have a blog - but was there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and a just the idea of being propped up when I couldn't stand anymore.

Mum - who doesn't have a blog - but is always there to offer advice and a shoulder to cry on, to guide me back in the right direction when I stray too far on my crazy adventures and simply share a laugh whenever I need it!

Sassy - or maybe it's realredfoxx this week! You're always there to offer the sisterly advice I need from raising my kids to friendship troubles!

Many others out there in the Blogosphere! LOL! Who inspire me to create and enjoy the things I have!

Thanks to all of you who keep me on my feet, laughing, crying, smiling and inspiring! And the many more on the days when inertia takes over so bad!

So please - just a few tiny "rules"

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you've nominated.
6. Write an acceptance speech in the style of the Academy Awards, thanking everybody's mother, father, sister, brother, aunties and uncles and kitchen staff at your favorite restaurant!

I'll keep you posted!