Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Ballet Bun

Back about a month ago I posted about not knowing the first thing about Ballet or Ballet Buns! The photo to the right here was my first one and they have gotten better since, we've been doing them weekly!

Sadly our little ballet class has only 2 kids in. My dd and another. They're hoping for a bigger influx of kids in the Winter session, but so far its like private lessons and the other kid is moody and un-cooperative most of the time.

What bugs me is in spite of the notice that they must be dressed according to a certain style, and they must wear a bun, neither the teacher nor the other kid is dressed by the "required standards." So M says "Well I don't have to wear my hair up, no one else does and I could get a pretty leotard like the other kid's Leotards." (the other kid has many!) But I keep telling her that she looks fabulous and like a real dancer so she buys into it and runs with it.

Of course the little one has now gotten in on the bun thing too - and despite not having enough hair or time to do this stuff, we always make it on time and she is dressed for M's class too! LOL! Will post pics when I unload the camera again! LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Not bad for a first try, cn't wait to see S's bun and her leotard.