Wednesday, October 29, 2008

...And Back to Creating

We just got back from a wonderful week at Disney (see HS blog) and I'm getting back in the groove. Hitting the crafting wagon again - and feeling the pressures of the upcoming season - have I mentioned that Halloween is my FAVOURITE time of year, and how much I'm not a Christmas person!?

Something interesting happened today - a strange feeling but I'm not sure how to put it into words.... maybe it was the crafting buzz hitting me hard - or maybe it was something else - I don't know... but there is a buzz (for lack of better description!) in the air about me.

... 3 weeks ago - Dh requested I sew something for him! WOOHOO! Just a Halloween costume but still it's something for him! LOL! Considering he never wore the sweater I made for him when we were dating (it was technically too small - because suddenly my tension changed!) I'm feeling adventurous and hoping it works out! I'd have to say its the biggest project I've taken on! Cause Sass-Fox, frankly, I'm still chickening out on your request... though I have the pattern and 1/2 the fabric! LOL! But if this works, out I'll be on your request ASACIO (ha - as soon as Christmas is over!)

I'm not gonna share the project with y'all yet, but we did just joke that Heaven help me I hope it works out or he'd hold it against me (he said he wouldn't!) - but it'll be good practice for the girls wedding dresses (HA, highly unlikely said the brain - I think I might leave that one to the professionals - I have to learn to work the darn serger first - I'm still petrified of that! *GRIN*)

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