Friday, October 31, 2008

Totally Ungirl-y Halloween

My two girls are Girly Girls - they like pretty dresses, love ballet, and the littlest refuses to even contemplate the notions of jean.... so their costume choices came as somewhat of a shock...

Darth Maul (from Star Wars - Phantom Menace) and a Skeleton!

So dh in the theme of the oldest's choice in costume went with the Emperor from Star Wars. Here is the costume I sewed up in 18 hours.

Things I learned.....
  • 9.25 yards of fabric is more fabric than I have ever seen in one sitting! LOL!
  • 9.25 yards needs to be spread over two bolts because in stores a bolt is only 6.5 yards.
  • I won't ever work with a fabric thicker than the one I used for this costume! LOL!
  • I won't be making Grim Reaper / Emperor costumes for a living! LOL!
  • I enjoy sewing costumes
  • Its time I made a costume for myself.... :)


Noee01 said...

Great costumes! Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Redinky said...

How cute! It seems Hearts has no problem with Darth Maul costume make-up! (not that he'll need any!)