Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holly - Jolly - OMG - NOT!

Thanksgiving rapidly approaches - we don't do anything special as the rest of the family celebrates in October (Canadian Thanksgiving) so its just us and dh hates turkey so unless we go somewhere we hang out quietly at home tripping over each others feet! LOL!

But along with Thanksgiving comes Christmas and suddenly I feel like I've been caught with my proverbial crafty pants down! There was so much more that I wanted to get done and yet suddenly I'm feeling very lacking in the gifts I have. A single item that I made yesterday cost $20+ and yet it is only one single simple item (might cost $10-15 in the store) .... which puts me over budget for the gift swap that we are doing. A 2nd item cost only about $13, but much more work went into it and I know that I would have spent more than $40 purchasing it in the store (shh its still not done but I have a week.) Am I undermining my creativity in favour of store purchased items? Why do I feel so cheap? I mean these items aren't the only things I'm giving but why do I feel the need to bulk things up?? Its not like I haven't just spent my entire year making this stuff. *Sigh*

And then I have to start on my shopping for the girls.... *sigh* and they wonder why I'm a "hum-bug" kinda person.... I'm not really I just hate the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping! Which for me is November because I don't leave my house to visit with the crazed crowds of December! LOL!

So there you have it ...

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AmyDe said...

You and your crafty pants are cracking me up! I know JUST how you feel - about all of it and I have the solution. Order ONLINE! Forget the handmade except for those who TRULY appreciate it (last year I got to mark MANY off my handmade list) and order everything else online. They'll bring it right to your door! It's FAB!

Last year we ordered the kids entire Christmas as well as many other gifts online in the span of about 1 hour - we were completely and totally finished! WooHoo!

Let me tell you - paying a little for shipping is worth not having to go to a store for the next two months.

Good luck to you AND your crafty pants!