Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just Unloading my Brain

In my little corner of the world it is supposed to freeze tonight, the season rolls nearer.

Sadly we are sleeping in our guestroom. While getting the girls ready to go out yesterday (fri) afternoon M pulled the curtains closed and down came the rail, the board and the curtains.... fun fun. It narrowly missed her (thank goodness) but we were all kinda surprised!

But its not a bad thing really. The guest room is so clean and tidy and minimalist (and the fan works - woohoo!), where our room is cluttered, dusty and ..... oh alright.... a pigsty. When guests (or visitors) come I load boxes and take them to our room, and sort through 1/4 of them and then never get back to it. Mostly it is papers, some of it is books, probably some yarn, and kids toys (squirreled away maybe I can unload them! hee!) - just the general day to day clutter that I never get around to. (mental note need to make a new "round-to-it")

So in honor of our time away from our room, I've hired myself as the maid and am setting up 30 minute blocks (when S doesn't steal the timer) to sort, tidy, dust, vacuum, declutter and in honor of my mum - rearrange. I expect to be back by Monday in a clean and spotless, cozy room, and it will probably stay like that for .... oh about a week! :(

In the 30 minutes in between each adventure, I'm taking computer time, and sewing up a storm on my other little corner of the world or knitting so I'm not idle. Poor dh almost had a fit when I spent $56 at the Joann's this afternoon (on just fabric and thread!) hee hee, not to mention when he walked into our bedroom last night to see what I was up to! Its just not been a good weekend for him so far.... save and except that he loves the mattress in the guest room.... and has no qualms about sleeping on it.

So anyway that is what I'm up to...

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