Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hark, What's this?? Another Request

I'm trying not to die of "wonder shock and amazement!"

Dh has asked me to make yet another item on my trusty sewing machine! (hee hee!) Feeding into my handmade frenzy! I love it! (hey its not knit, and I think secretly - he shares the same issues with knit things that M does! *sigh*)

We asked MIL what she wanted for Christmas and trying not to be a bother, she said oh just something cheap from the $1 store. Bwahhahh haa, like I've ever bought her something from the $1 store as a gift. LOL! Not that it's beneath me - we love the $1 store, but more because I hadn't quite thought of it! LOL!

I'm dragging him kicking and screaming to the fabric store, to choose the fabric (with input from M and I, of course.) To put together a nice little something to go with the nice little something else that I have already made.

Do you think he is humouring me or do you think he has finally found something that he thinks could be useful!?

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