Friday, December 26, 2008

Kitchen Experiments.

Well one of the things we're venturing into at the moment is experiments in cooking.

We are just finishing cooking our tradition Turkey Paella (from BHG from the late 60's early 70's) which we will eat tonight. Tomorrow dh and his father are eating Sveetskova (sp?) which is a marinated beef dish (since it is beef I can't eat it I won't be eating it!) So this will be an experiment. I guess I'll have to hunt down my own meal! LOL!

For the first time I'm boiling the bones of our Turkey to make a broth which I hope to make into several different soups! Figure it will be fun!

For Christmas dinner I made a homemade from scratch stuffing which dh and FIL seemed to enjoy. I didn't like it just because it was too soggy for my taste and it certainly wasn't very pretty but who cares as long as it was tasty!

Dessert was supposed to be Apple dumplings... but they were too soggy to be recognizable.

Oh well. Life goes on! And I'll have to try some of those home-mades again and see what happens.

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