Friday, February 20, 2009

Adventures with Fevers and Seizures.

Well we had quite the adventurous morning, that I'd prefer not to ever repeat.

A couple weeks ago S came down with this bizarre fever... 3 day high fever starting at 100.9 reaching as high 103.5 at its worst points. After that it was gone, no cold, no ear infection, no nothing.

Well M turned up with this yesterday. Missed Brownies, so I went alone. Came home to find that her fever had risen to 102 inspite of the tylenol I had given before dinner. I gave her more tylenol, checked her an hour later (usually takes 20 minutes for it to work on me) And the temp was up to 103. Checked again in 30 minutes and it was down some. At 4 am... I checked her again and it was way way up, so I gave her more tylenol and then heard her up around 8:30. Checked her and the fever was gone... thought... phew.

Came downstairs, started the usual routine, quick email check, breakfast, and then get ready.... well checked my email then hurd a loud thump behind me. Looked down and there was M flopped on top of Bertram (her stuffed bullfrog) twitching, seizure like spasms. Yelled her name a couple times... asked her was she foolin' around? Told her she was scaring me.... It lasted about 10-30 seconds - ya know how the brain slows everything down at those crisis moments...

When she got up it was clear she had no clue what I was talking about.... her face was white as a sheet, even her lips were white. I panicked called dh - knowing he was enroute to work (no cell.)

IM'd a friend who I knew might know what I saw... and she told me to call the ped. Called the ped, tried not to melt into a blubbering mess... held it partially together, then was in the ped's office 10 minutes later. Two unwashed but dressed kids, snacks in hand and me eating a hamburger bun... it was all I could find! *sad and pathetic.*

OY! Bloodwork, swabs later, all came back clear and it is a viral Fever that is going around.

So lets not repeat this adventure kay?!

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