Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning.... Oh MY!

If a girl was never pregnant would there ever be a reason to clean?
What is the fascination for cleaning while pregnant? I mean sheesh, MIL won't be here for a month, and already the guest room is set up for her, and I'm in full tilt, OMG the house is in CHAOS, cleaning mode. I've got two full garbage bags of stuff, one from my room and S's room (and mine ain't done yet) and one from just the downstairs on regular cleaning - I haven't even gotten into the declutter phase of things - but I can feel it coming.

I was at a friends house yesterday morning and I swear she suffered a little OCD. (LOL!) She has 2 kids, and her house is spotless, and apparently remains that way because the kids seemed to think it was normal. Where mine move from room to room finding a new clean spot to play - and forgetting the mess they left in the last location! *sigh*

They have too many toys... and sadly I have no clue what to do with it all. I can't throw it out, the little one might need it. I'd just settle for one room not looking like a nuclear detonation went off for five minutes. *sigh*

Some day I'll hire an organizer... and have them help me declutter my house from top to bottom! A girl will dream. In the mean time I'll just use the excuse and keep on "nesting"

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