Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Going Green

Actually I'm tired of wasting money on my mop's wet cloths and the smell of the darn things is making me queasy these days. So I figured I could make my own re-usable cloths (to reduce and reuse!) and my own environmentally friendly floor cleaner... and I'd be set and a little green at the same time!

Using patterns from here

And recipes from here

I figure I'm off to green start! :) with my 2 cloths!


AmyDe said...

That stuff is pretty stinky for sure. I have some old towels I'm going to convert into cloths for the swiffer - also I have a spray bottle that I keep vinegar and water in so maybe I'll use that instead of the wet jet. Hey if I do that I can get rid of the wetjet and just use the regular swiffer mop - one less thing to store in my already crowded kitchen!!

Thanks for reminding me about this.

Grumpy said...

I like the swiffer (not the wet jet) because you can toss the cloth in the wash (if reusable) in the wash and don't have to put up with the stinky smell of a dirty mop laying around. After buying 3 different standard mops and leaving them to dry outside, in the basement... you name it, I could never get the things clean again! LOL! So I stick with my trusted swiffer mop. I'm thinking of using scented vinegar and water as my cleaner... and maybe sometimes just a little soap and water. But I'm back to trying to be green!