Friday, August 27, 2010

Finding Joy Friday

Totally stealing from AmyD ( at Ignore Me Its Easier).

This week:

*The possibility of major change in our lives. (not that I totally didn't steal this one! LOL! SSSHHHH! But the chickens haven't hatched, and I'm not counting them! LOL! kinda half praying they don't hatch too! ;0 - did I say that??)

*A midweek trip with my dear sweet family who travel well and only complain a little!!

*2.5 hours in the car to finish up a torture project that would have taken much longer if I didn't have those 2 hours to dedicate to it! :)

*A clean kitchen (ha the simple pleasures!)

*A child who likes to nap. (1 out of 4 isn't bad!)

*Schooling is underway on the home kindergarten front I'm happy with our progress

*The fact that if I want to arbitrarily decide to ditch my yarn stash, my husband would be totally supportive! LOL!

Where are you finding JOY this week?

1 comment:

AmyDe said...

Really - that they don't? I can't wait, but then again I've never experienced that sort of change so... Shhhh!

The AG patterns are the free ones (twirly girl skirts) from You Can Make

We'd have endured 2.5 hours of bad knock knock jokes (my kids just don't get it - I think I'm going to buy them a book) but I'd have made progress knitting. I may take a sewing day tomorrow at the local quilt shop for some "Mommy" time.

I like to nap - maybe that's why my kitchen isn't clean?

Have you not seen the purple? Hmm? Yeah - purple.

I've ditched my yarn stash a couple of times now and Casey is ALWAYS thrilled!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!