Friday, September 24, 2010

Finding Joy Friday

Totally stealing from AmyD ( at Ignore Me Its Easier).

This week:

* Missing shows on TV only to find that I can catch them on streaming video on my computer with way better definition and way less commercials.

* Watching the girls spend a couple hours pretending to be the Stars on Dancing with the Stars... and feeling the earth move under my seat while they twirl, spin, prance and have fun!

* Listening to my big girls laughing and having fun using their imaginations creating different scenarios all week.

* Birthday dinners spoiled but that meant that I ate a healthier dinner at home.

* Finding a plan of attack for getting M to master her timestables.

* Seeing S make progress with her reading skills.

* Lunch with a friend.

* A birthday cake made by a friend for me to celebrate with tomorrow.

* Made it to the Tag Office before they closed today.

Where are you finding JOY this week?

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