Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Treating I'm Bored with Respect

Wow, talk about a new perspective.

So one of the boards that I hang out at was having a discussion about deschooling - the process of giving your child a break from the 'busy-ness' of school and getting them to switch gears back into the process of learning. Some kids need this more than others I gather... but since mine never went to school I don't really know! Anyway, one of the mom's posted a link about it for further information, and me being me, I clicked... I followed, I wandered... and meandered around and found myself looking at an article called "Bored No More."

How many times have my kids said to me "I'm bored!" and I blew them off or suggested they clean their rooms. I love the perspective this article puts on it. If a baby is whiny/fussy or seeming uncomfortable we tend to their needs until the whining/fussing stops. The same can be done for kids.

I think next time I'll try out a technique or two from that article and see what happens!

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AmyDe said...

Great post!

I read another article similar to this lately and it does make you stop and think. Now sometimes the kids are just being whiney and they get to clean baseboards, but sometimes they just need a little attention and to snuggle with me on the bed while they read. I'm learning to be more sensitive to the difference.