Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Crocheting on-Demand

I don't generally crochet on demand for people, just because it is my hobby and I don't want to change that, but for my kids - its a whole'nother story! LOL!

So a friend on one of the boards posted a link to Inner Hooker's Owl Earflap hat on Etsy. And while I was checking out the photo of the hat she made, ET came up to me and started cackling (laughing) and pointing and getting excited. For a 1 yr old - that's major excitment! LOL! I had been trying for months to get her to wear a hat on her head as winter is coming, and while the winters here in GA aren't like the winters, in the North - they can still get pretty cold - especially if you start out with thin southern blood to begin with!! LOL!

So when she got all excited about this hat I figured I'd have to try it. And guess what she actuallykeeps it on her head and when you ask about her hat... she points to it and cackles! :)

Mission accomplished! :) 1 kooky hat, for 1 kooky kid who hates hat!

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