Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Repair

So I started up cloth diapering again this week. Not because diapers are too expensive, but because I have this stash from when M was a baby, it grew when S was a baby and now that ET is here - its been plaguing my conscience, that they are sitting here unused while I fill that landfill with more diapers than I need to! Part of the reason I never got my jive on cloth diapering with ET was because the rinsing system I used with M and S - was no longer working right. The white garden hose nozzle was so badly corroded that it was filling a bucket 2 gallon bucket of water in under an hour (that's a lot of water!) And I didn't feel like turning the toilet off after every flush!

Finally I dragged my sorry butt over to the HD where the girls picked out my new flashy orange garden nozzle. I tried to find a new male connector to fit, but apparently mine is a 3/4 inch and the ones they have an abundance of are 5/8. I was pretty sure the existing connector was well corroded in there too! But a little sunshine, and pair of vice grips and a little elbow grease and I got it out. My first couple of attempts to get it all together and not leaking failed... I ended up needing another washer (which I pilfered from the old head.)

In the end it cost me $18.99 to fix my old sprayer! a garden hose and nozzle connected to the toilet in-flow!!

HA! yup $19. My 9 yr old and 4.5 yr old convinced me I needed a Salad Bowl, and 3 different Viola plants for the garden too! The sprayer part only cost $4. The rest was on the plants!

Happy Thursday! :)

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