Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Fall (take 2)

Its a new year and a crazy one at that. In the city where we are likely to get 1 snowfall year and usually around Valentine's day we're working on our 2nd decent snow fall in just over 2 weeks (one Christmas Day and then one this past Sunday!) All totalled we got 6 inches over night and most of that fell within an hour! The picture below - shows a mist - which is actually snow it was coming down pretty heavy! The city has been shut down for 2 days now. Between the "wintry mix" (snow, rain and freezing rain) there is a decent cover of ice on the snow, making it un-snowman-able!

I finally broke down and bought a sled/toboggan for the girls to play with the next snow fall! Thus guaranteeing it won't snow ever again! LOL! This happened the year my parents bought me some cross country skis. I got little use out of them as it just seemed to stop snowing! LOL!

At the moment, the government offices are slowly starting to re-open. Our road is starting to thaw.

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