Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bednight rnd 2 Socks for S

Years ago, in a frenzie of knitting, I made M a pair of socks she never wore. A few years later along came S, who loved the colours and started wearing those socks to bed (they were bulk and not good for regular use! LOL!)

A few weeks ago, chilly feet (yes in the dead of summer) S climbed into bed, and tried to put her socks on but they didn't fit. Too snug in the ankles and too short in the feet. Broke her sweet little heart. A few days later we hit the store for her choice of yarn. (we picked Lily Cotton, yes the cotton that you make dishcloths out of!) I just knew they'd be bold (or maybe dark!)
A couple hours knitting (all told over 3 days) and
VOILA! The Socks

Bold like her personality! :)

With extra yarn left over, I'll have to make a couple more. They are super easy for the person who doesn't knit socks! :)

Here is the link.

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