Thursday, October 06, 2011

Long Time No See!

Like so many other facebookers at the moment, I'm disgruntled by the recent changes to the UI at FB, and figure I should be having way more fun typing here on my blog! My status updates have gone from multiple times a day to only a couple times a day and as such they are more worthy of blogging than fb'ing.

So here I am rounding on the end of our surprise one month vacation at the beach! It has been a great time. Mostly just the girls and I, but dh has joined us a couple times during the month!

We have seen 28/30 days of sunshine, complete with awesome sunrises and sunsets! We had 2 days of cool thunderstorms.

The girls got a month worth of school work done in 3 weeks! And both of them relearned to knit! I managed to finish 3 projects and am working on my 4th!

We spent a small fortune at the bookstore and discovered my oldest doesn't read books, she devours them! We are currently listening to "Throne of Fire" (the Kane chronicles) by Rick Riordan. We like the narrators!

My middlest is getting hooked on reading! We have just finished her 100 easy lessons and started our first book!

So in a nut shell that is what we've been up to!

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