Saturday, October 08, 2011

Are there Bad Days on the Beach?

When the family takes a trip to the beach you don't imagine bad days. And I'm not talking rainy thunderstormy days, or days when the kids take to screaming and fighting instead of remembering they have to face each later in the day when they share a room, unsupervised!

I mean days that look beautiful from the shelter of the room, beautiful blue sky, blazing sun unhampered by clouds, beautiful foamy whitecapped waves.

The brain has neglected to recognize that the foamy white waves are crashing viciously on the shore, not a soul is in the water and the obnoxious red flag that is attempting to escape it's tilting flag pole! Perhaps the flag is the only wise one unhappily launched from it's quite storage 2 days ago!

So everyone happily don's their bathing suits and scrubs in the sunscreen. 30 minutes on the beach receiving a sandblasting spa treatment from mother nature, and it's time to call it a day and find something else to do!

Looking down from the balcony now you see a totally different scene. The beautiful white capped waves are really an angry sea, churning, crashing and destroying all it touches. The blue sky is hazy, from sea spray and sand flowing freely. Now you note the lack of footprints in the sand leading to the occupied deck chairs and umbrellas which have not been unfurled or maybe they have, and quickly bundled again in fear of a beach chase, or worse impaling an innocent victim!

The water which is usually grey-blue is now brown as far as the eye can see, from the churned up sand.

It is our last full day near the beach this trip! The winds at 1pm are near 21 mph (33.8 kph.). They are expected to get worse as a trough just southeast of us brings in a variety of weather! Today I am happy we are leaving tomorrow and grateful for the last 28 days here with only two rainy days!

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