Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween and Crafting

It definitely has been a busy couple of days.

We started out with a planned walk that fell through on Saturday.  Bright, beautiful, cool autumn day, we started heading to the mountains 2 hours away, and ended up changing to one only about an hour away in the opposite direction.  Arrived in the town in time for lunch, only to find all the places packed... so we drove back 10 minutes and ended up at a Ruby Tuesdays.  Well, let me tell ya.  The wait staff was pleasant, but seriously it took more than 40 minutes to get our food.  A burger and fries - seriously it usually doesn't take that long.  Then it took another 30 to ring up the bill.  Apparently the computer went down and well, ya they never took credit cards before the internet was widely used!  *sigh*  So all in all an hour and a half to get food, which then put us at 3:30.  We turned around and came home.

The girls had energy to burn so they stayed out playing.  I wanted to sew, but the 2 yr old needs to be supervised.  So I hung out outside with them.  1 hour turned into 2, as I decided to decapitate prune my arch-nemesis - the Holly Bushes which decorate our entry.  Have I asked recently what the hell the builder was thinking when the put them in? and why after 3 owners - and us here 10 yrs this week - why they are still here?  Well if they don't die of some over pruning disease, they will remain for the next owners.  I only managed to seriously prune back 1 bush - the other would wait another day.

At 6 we headed in, the sun was going down, it was getting chilly and my tiny children were getting chilly.  I sewed for 4 hours.  I managed to mostly finish 1 blue angry bird costume - which was modified from a costume my oldest wore years ago!  I have yet to get the face right!

Roll on to today.  We walked.  We lunched.  He mowed, I decapitated pruned the 2nd bush.  I sewed and completed an Abird Piggy for a very thrilled 2 yr old! :)

Yes, the bird needs a face make-over... but they both turned out kinda cute.  I'm pleased! :)

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