Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Day 2 - Operation 295

So today I managed to stay within my points range better, but I need to save some for Friday for my 5 yr old's birthday.  She has demanded that Daddy go to lunch with us at Moe's, and that we take her out for Steak and Sushi dinner.  Major pointage!  There will be cake (unless oDD can convince her that birthday pie is the way to go! LOL! or maybe Fairy cakes! hmmm!)

It was a dreary, wet and rainy day outside.  We started off with a quick trip to the post office to mail gifts.  Some idiot, bashed his car door into my car while it was moving (worth a bag of M&M's but I let it go sans M&M's - told him he was an idiot, and left it at that!)  Drove to the grocery store to get nutritious food for lunch and few staple items, but the 2 yr old had a major meltdown, turned into a raving lunatic, so we left without further thought.  Dh happily brought us home food for tomorrow's lunch when he brought home dinner fixins!

Being wet and dreary, I decided not to walk outside today - figuring I'd get some time on the treadmill, but the couch sucked me in, deep and cozy, so I took a nap.  Was so tired this morning I couldn't even keep my eyes open while doing math and reading with the middlest!  (sad, I know!)  It's close to migraine time for me... so I wonder if this had something to do with it.... hmmm maybe hormonal, must watch that maybe the sudden vitamin kick changed something!)

We had a crappy lunch, but I planned out my points, and I knew what I was getting into.  I budgeted enough for dinner, and added in a couple of snacks... so life was good!

I know Christmas/Holidays are a really bad time to start a life change, what with all the baking, fun foods and a holiday 100% surrounded by food!  But I've been putting it off, and putting it off, and suddenly I feel that pull and need to succeed, very much inspired by Kara over at 365 days and 100 pounds .  I'm determined to do this!

By the end of the day, I will have met all of my water goals, 1/2 my milk (but I take a supplement), 1/2 my F&V intake.  Not bad considering I haven't been watching these in eons!

Thanks for reading!

Today's Mileage - 0 mile
Weekly Mileage - 1 mile (Goal 8 miles)
Overall 295 Mileage - 1 mile!

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