Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 7, 8, 9 - Operation 295

Ya, can we say slacking.

This is what happens everytime I embark on a weighty adventure, by the 2nd week I collapse in despair and give up - my whiney innerself complaining that it isn't happening fast enough! While my normally logical mind knows full well that it will take more than 6 months to get rid of the weight!  My whiney innerself also stubbornly refuses to plan out a menu and go shopping.  My whiney self doesn't want to take my 2 yr old shopping knowing full well that she won't sit in the cart.  We look like a 3 ring circus in the grocery store lately and that just gets my ire up!!  Yet my logical brain also knows full well that if I provide dh with a shopping list, he'll get what I need him to get and just what is on the list, this is win win right?!

No walking has happened.  But lots of sleep is happening - no not really a good thing -- I so don't love this season! and when pressed the other day as to why, I really had no answer!

I find myself tucking into comfort foods of high sugar and salty foods and high fat foods too!  I haven't even printed my journal for the week which I should have done, but someone reset my computer and we ended up leaving the house for most of the day on Sunday, and I just never got back to it!!

I've got plenty of excuses, but the buck needs to stop here.  Now printing my journal for the week as I type here.  Then we need to figure out a reasonable lunch.  I think the girls and I will have lunch in a sec and then I'll drag them for a 2 mile walk around the block, it's such a beautiful day!  A short stop at the park on the way home will also be in order.

Thanks for keeping me honest, and giving me a boot in the rump to keep on plodding.  Today will be a better day!

FWIW, I said I'd post back on Sunday if we made it out walking, and I never posted.  We did go out.  Walked about 1/2 mile maybe, with me carrying the sleeping 2 yr old most of the way!

Today's Mileage - 0 mile (so far!)
Weekly Mileage - 0.5 mile (Goal 8 miles)
Overall 295 Mileage - 3.5mile!  

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